Points To Ponder

The Character Of Christ

Holy:separated to God.Separated from sin and therefore consecrated to God. That which Christ possesses is imputed to the believer positionally at salvation.As the believer submits to the leading of the Holy Spirit in action,that which is positional becomes evident in their lives.The consecrated believer,a vessel unto honor.

Good:Mat 19:16,17. He who certainly was good and could claim goodness,in humility declined to do so.By his actions ,which spoke far louder than any words, he demonstrated that which he refused to claim.

“One day when heaven was filled with his praises, one day when sin was as dark as could be, Jesus came forth to be born of a virgin: dwelt amongst men,my example is he!

Humble:Phil 2:5-8. “Let this mind be in you,which was also in Christ Jesus:…”. Humility is essential to service otherwise no matter what we do,we are still only serving self. Our efforts may be cloaked in a contrived semblance of humility,but self will still be the main motivation of the effort .Without humility which can only come from within,it a mere facade,a surface veneer that may fool man ,but never God who looks upon the heart. “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God,that he may exalt you in due time:(1 Pet.5:6)

Note:An extra bit: Man attempts to destroy what they do not understand, as they did with the son of God when he chose to walk among them. If there is no threat, no harm, would it not be better to just accept what you do not understand in hope that someday you may.

John 1:14. The Truth 

“He that speaks of himself seeks his own glory; but he that seeks his glory that sent him,the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him.”

This vs from John 7:18 speaks so loudly as to how Christ conducted himself and how we should conduct ourselves,always giving God the glory and never ourselves.

If one must trumpet to the heavens of how great their achievements,perhaps they have achieved little at all,for greatness is always obvious that it is great.

Guileless:Is 53:9. Christ who cannot lie in contrast to Satan who is the father of all lies.(John 8:44)

Men claim righteousness by saying they do not lie when the greatest lie of all is the one they tell to themselves.(Ps.116:11)

Tell a lie often enough and loud enough and even you will begin to believe it. No lie,no matter how trivial is of God.

Spotless:free from shame or disgrace. Christ had no sin and therefore no sense of accompanying shame.His reputation was intact as doing the will of the Father,so no disgrace.The narcissistic person sees their life as flawless even though their flaws are obvious to everyone around them.Because they see themselves as without flaw,they must perceive those around them as flawed in orders to pull off the lie in their own minds.Only they can be perfect. There is no room for anyone else,perhaps even Christ.Self love and too great an interest in one’s own  importance cause them to interject themselves in every situation to prove themselves superior to those around them.

Harmless:(“void of evil”)(Heb.7:23-28)The believer’s high priest unlike those who preceded him is “holy,harmless,undefiled,separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens “and was put in place by blood oath by God.Because of this he is able “to save them to the uttermost (completely) that come unto God by him,seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.”As long as the intercessor is there to intercede on the behalf of those who believe,all is well with my soul.The sacrifice was made and our high priest presented his blood at the alter of God and abides there eternally to intercede on our behalf.Thus can God say that the believer is kept,not by the works of the believer,but by the power of God(1 Pet 1:3-5).

Resisting Temptation:(Mat 4:1-11)The first Adam was put in place as lord of creation.with but one reservation,the knowledge of good and evil.Through the women,manipulated by Satan, he was tempted to add that which God forbade also to his dominion.Falling he lost all.

The second Adam,Christ,came and took the place of a lowly servant,acting from and in obedience to the Father,that He might redeem a fallen race and a creation under the curse.

Satan’s one object was to induce Christ to act independently of the Father.It is important to note that both Adams had the same Father,God,and that both did not have a sin nature when making the decisions that would change all humanity.The first Adam brought death,the second Adam bought life.

My brethren,Do not attempt to produce or protect that which is already done.Beware of those of the concision!

Obedient to God the Father:

(Ps 40:8;John 15:10) “Delight to do thy will,O my God”,and abide in his love”as a result.

This cannot be contrived or produced by the flesh,but must be as a result of submission to the Spirit of God.Many think that by doing this or that thing they can somehow walk closer to God,but it is the submission to him that is key with the good things as a result of it.Righteous acts will always proceed from the righteous seed,but righteousness can never come from a mere righteous act.

Lowly in heart:(Mat 11:29)The hardest battle that the believer will ever fight is his own pride.The desire to dominate others in the body or outside the body is an all consuming thing with some.Paul wrote that self deception in this world in the pursuit to seem wise is not preferred,but let him seem as a fool to the world that he may become wise in the eyes of God.”Let this mind be in you,which was also in Christ Jesus:who although having the credentials to boast chose instead to be humble and a servant.((1 Jon 3:1,2)we shall be like him when he shall appear ,let us strive to be like him until he appears.

Patient :(Mat 27:11-14)When words of condemnation are thrown at us,If in our hearts we know them to be unfounded,be patient for those who know us best will not listen.If they are true,then look to God and change.

PTP: Character Of Christ cont 

Forgiving:Lk 23:34, “Father forgive them…” Christ forgave even those who crucified him,setting an example for us all.The one doing the forgiving is always the biggest beneficiary of the act of forgiveness. Not forgiving is a poison carried around in the heart,that until it is released consumes the one who harbors it in their heart.So to be free from it’s poisonous influence and to be able to commune with God,we must forgive.God forgave us ,we ought to be able to forgive one another.

Benevolent:(Acts10:38)Jesus,who was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power:went about doing good,and healing all that were oppressed of the devil;for God was with him.

Most people today,including Christians,are more concerned with self than helping someone else.We say that we seek God,but never go where he can be found.Many go to church to be entertained and ease their guilty conscience,but fail to connect with God while they are there.We wish to hear about the life message,but rarely employee it after hearing it because the message may be heard in church,but it’s implemented outside the church.Go to those who need help,to those who battle their demons.There will God be found.(Mat 25:40,45)”Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren,ye have done it unto me.”

Loving:(John 13:1;15:9-14)Love is a word that is a lot like the word Christian,in that it is often claimed,but little thought put into the actual meaning.

     Love can be known only by the actions it prompts.

Resigned :(Lk 22:42)

Our plans so carefully laid in life often lead to a place of strife.

God’s hand leading in the same life will lead to a place of peace with yourself and others.

I am resolved no longer to linger,charmed by the world’s delight.

Things that are nobler,things that are higher,these have allured my sight.

I will hasten to him,hasten so glad and free,Jesus,greater,higher,I will come to thee.